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The ALUMIRAMP MINI RAMP SERIES is a group of smaller portable ramps designed to be lightweight and easily moveable.

READY RAMP – An aluminum ramp useful when a longer ramp is needed, but it still must be portable. A multi-folding ramp, the compact Ready Ramp folds to half its length and half its width to store in car or van.
ALUMILITE FOLDING CURB RAMP – Made of aluminum, this scooter ramp is lightweight and folds in half, making it as easy to carry as a suitcase.
ALUMILITE SOLID CURB RAMP – When needing a more permanent ramp, the all aluminum solid curb ramp provides a safe & secure transition ramp that is perfect for scooters.
ALUMILITE LANDSCAPE COLLECTION – Providing beauty as well as function to your wheelchair ramp. A powder coated finish available in four attractive colors to enhance your home's decor. Four sizes and four colors available.
THRESHOLD RAMP – A lightweight aluminum ramp used primarily on small thresholds and 1 step obstacles up to 4".
RUBBER THRESHOLD RAMP – Useful for sliding glass doors and small thresholds to 2 1/2".
TELESCOPIC CHANNEL RAMP – 2 separate channels which, when used together, form a pathway for the wheels of a manual wheelchair.

The ARMADA MODULAR SYSTEM is the best modular aluminum ramp system anywhere. A high strength aluminum, anodized finish makes this ramp system durable and beautiful. Meets all ANSI and ADA codes. Ramp's platforms and steps provide a complete solution.

The ACOM SYSTEM meets the demands of more stringent codes. All aluminum, 4' width, heavy duty construction, and 3 types of handrails available. Along with platforms and steps, this system can be configured to meet IBC, NBC, CABO, OSHA, Florida SREF, Texas TAS , ANSI, or ADA codes.

The QUICK RAMP SYSTEM is a pre-engineered wood kit ramp that combines an aluminum structure with a wood surface to provide a lower cost alternative to all aluminum.

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